Hello Everyone!! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog! Hope you enjoy your trip to my pages! I randomly write anything, to sum up, experiences of your and mine. Now, you might have a clue that I am a tea lover. For me, life is simple like tea, only a few ingredients can produce better results i.e. tea dust, sugar, water, and milk. Simply their proportions can vary the taste. So tea teaches us to have the right proportions of ingredients for a better taste of life. Stay happy with tea!!! Still, I am learning to make the life tea because every day it does not taste better and I am learning new ways now and then… Still figuring out my life’s tea brand. What about you?.. Catch you soon!!!!


Why Thinkkingbubbles?

Our mind is constantly chattering. Thoughts are numerous like water bubbles and can be broken easily. Yet sometimes they seem like giant elephants and we have no idea how to deal with them. But the fact is again, they are as feeble as bubbles. Just a small effort can perforate them easily. So crack the bubbles of negative thoughts and feed your soul with positive ones.

Celebrate this life!!!!!

Not all clouds are dark and heavy.

Some are white, light and float in the air.

"And world goes round and round"

Stories can be anywhere. May be sometimes on the walls painted like this, engraving somethings they were aware of..

Paths can be diferent but the destination is same.

Qutab Minar:- I read it somewhere that we all are the toils of our ancestors. That is very true.  This Minar was built in early 13th century. It has five storeys Minar with the 379 steps spiral staircase. It is 72.5 m tall and diametre is 14.32 m. It gets narrow as we move upward and diametre is 2.75 m at the top. It is listed in UNESCO World heritage centre. It is also known as Victory towr. The first floor is build by Qutbuddin Aibak, the first sultan of Delhi and remaining floors were built by Iitutmish. It is the tallest brick Minerat in the world. Qutbuddin Aibak had commissioned this Minar in 1199 AD when he was a commander for the Ghurid Ruler, Ghiyasuddin Ghori. Qutbuddin Aibak died after the comletion of the first floor. Then his son-in-law and his successor continued the building. Aibak and Itutmish were slaves and later they became rulers.
Earlier they were sold and resold from one master to another  in the market of Persia. Thats why the first ever Muslim dynasty in India is called Mamluk dynasty. In Arabic, Mamluk means property. Aibak and Iltutmish spent their childhood as slaves around the Jam city in Afghanistan. This city has a similar Minaret as Qutab Minar. Later Qutab Minar and Iltutmish constructed the similar Minaret in India. The Ghurids had defeated the Rajputs and established the first ever muslim rule in Delhi.

Kutab minar through my eyes – YouTube


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