Hello Everyone!! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog! Hope you enjoy your trip to my pages! I randomly write anything, to sum up, experiences of your and mine. Now, you might have a clue that I am a tea lover. For me, life is simple like tea, only a few ingredients can produce better results i.e. tea dust, sugar, water, and milk. Simply their proportions can vary the taste. So tea teaches us to have the right proportions of ingredients for a better taste of life. Stay happy with tea!!! Still, I am learning to make the life tea because every day it does not taste better and I am learning new ways now and then… Still figuring out my life’s tea brand. What about you?.. Catch you soon!!!!

Life becomes just a smoke

like the last candle

and it burned into the ashes

the smoke swirled up above the candle

the last hope of light gets blemished

how hard goodbyes are

they get deeper true with time

when you swing in thoughts

paddling your feet in uncertainties

life becomes a bizarre thought

like words patience and perseverance

were never there in the dictionary

sometimes you are so damaged

that you become unafraid of damages

you don’t want to build damps to prevent over-flooding

let the floods get bigger and hit

It is so easy to see and understand other tears

but you can be mistaken with your own tears

 as if they were water drops in your early face-wash


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