Hello Everyone!! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog! Hope you enjoy your trip to my pages! I randomly write anything, to sum up, experiences of your and mine. Now, you might have a clue that I am a tea lover. For me, life is simple like tea, only a few ingredients can produce better results i.e. tea dust, sugar, water, and milk. Simply their proportions can vary the taste. So tea teaches us to have the right proportions of ingredients for a better taste of life. Stay happy with tea!!! Still, I am learning to make the life tea because every day it does not taste better and I am learning new ways now and then… Still figuring out my life’s tea brand. What about you?.. Catch you soon!!!!

Putting one brick and being confused about whether to put another or not, Am I going to make a house like this?
Taking one step and being confused about whether to take next or not, am I going to be a runner,
sometimes confusions are blackholes and you have no clues what can go right,
confusions are mirrors they can depict only the outer level but never can they decode the cores,
Confusions are the noises from outer diluting your child’s voice
Confusions can be slow poisons killing you slowly in the comfort of impossible, uncertain, misfortunes and destiny,
Confusions are prisons never letting you have salvation,
Confusion never lets you have freedom.,
Hello, confusion why you make our head dizzy, drowsy and obscure,
Sometimes why do we become your brethren?
You give a pang in the chest,
you turn our boisterous mind into overthinking machine all day yet with no fruitful outcome,
When you make glade in our life,
We will become scorn to human spirits,
you prelude danger,
if we do not overcome your illusions,
we become insatiable in every path of life.


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