Hello Everyone!! Thank you for stumbling upon my blog! Hope you enjoy your trip to my pages! I randomly write anything, to sum up, experiences of your and mine. Now, you might have a clue that I am a tea lover. For me, life is simple like tea, only a few ingredients can produce better results i.e. tea dust, sugar, water, and milk. Simply their proportions can vary the taste. So tea teaches us to have the right proportions of ingredients for a better taste of life. Stay happy with tea!!! Still, I am learning to make the life tea because every day it does not taste better and I am learning new ways now and then… Still figuring out my life’s tea brand. What about you?.. Catch you soon!!!!

Do you wonder about existence?
Do you wonder about the plans and purpose?
Do you wonder why death is vital?
Do you wonder why aging can hurt?
It takes courage to love your wrinkles
Do you wonder colors of time just like seasons,
Happy, jolly, fast, slow, folly, and grumpy,
Do you wonder even the happy endings will end or just say happy endings,
Is there a frozen pace of rest after happy endings,
Do you wonder what keeps us going,
Are dreams just fables or silhouettes of our thoughts
Do you wonder motion of time is apace?
Do you wonder why you overthink solving problems?
Do you wonder if magic lies in actions?
Do you wonder if the hardest things can be like you have options but you don’t have,
Do you wonder if just walking and running contributes you good health,
Do you wonder if you can have a self-made jewel, your laughter,
Do you wonder about the extravagant world or mini creatures you think exist in your mind.
Do you wonder if music can uplift your mood.
Do you wonder if you can kill your stress with food.


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